West LA College General Classrooms & Student Services Buildings - Culver City, CA

West LA College General Classrooms & Student Services Buildings

Culver City, CA

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Los Angeles Community College District




9000 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230

Completion Date:

Wed, February 1st, 2012

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This project consists of new construction of a 44,600-SF four-story General Classrooms Building and the adjacent 49,657-SF four-story Student Services Building. It also included demolition of existing structures, construction of the Entry Plaza into the two-building complex and site improvements requiring tie-ins to campus utilities and infrastructure. The opening of the Student Services and General Classroom Buildings marks a major transformation of the West Los Angeles Community College into a collegiate campus. The new Student Service and General Classroom Buildings allow for the retirement of temporary structures utilized for the past 43 years. This is a DSA project that achieved LEED Gold & Silver ratings.

The Student Services Building and Entry Plaza creates a new front door to the campus. The building addresses the need of a highly functional and accessible state-of-the-art facility with all key student services under one roof for the campus. In addition to a full service cafe (a campus first) as well as a new bookstore, the 48,000 square-foot program includes student services such as: Disabled Students Programs Services (DSPS), Counseling, Admissions and Registration, Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS), Assessment/ Matriculation Center, Financial Aid, Meeting Rooms, Transfer Center, and Career Center.

The General Classroom Building features 17 smart classrooms allowing students to focus on learning and not, as the college President stated, “on the creaking floors and cramped quarters.” The 48,000 square-foot program includes classrooms, administrative offices, and a 120-seat lecture room that can also serve as a venue for campus cultural events. Classrooms are located along the northern façade, taking full advantage of the views and solar orientation, while faculty offices are located on the more private south side of the building. South facing windows utilize horizontal louvers to mitigate solar gain. In addition, horizontal canopies unify the composition of façade elements while providing protective shade and dynamic shadows at the main building entry points.